Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bleeding left ear injury

Fashionably yours have an ear injury and is a bleeding left ear. My left ear was itchy so I digged it till it bleeds on Wendesday midnight. I was so terrified to see blood rushing out from my left ear.  The blood just keeps flowing out from my left ear.  It was so painful too that I couldn't sleep well that night.

On Wednesday morning, my daddy insisted that I go to see a ENT specialist.  Actually I don't want to see doctor because I find the blood has stopped flowing out from my left ear though feel painful and I couldn't hear clearly.  It was my daddy who insisted that I should see a doctor.  I told him I can go to work, never mind.  He said how can somebody with bleeding ear go to work and cannot hear clearly, so he brought his little girl to consult the ENT specialist.  If daddy did not come with me, I think most probably I would have gone to work at the office with a bleeding ear and tell people it is early halloween. 

So we went to consult the ENT doctor and I was given tetanus injection, prescribed with antibiotics and ear drops. 2 days mc to rest (Wednesday and Thursday).  On the way back home from the clinic, fashionably yours dropped by my office to bring back work to do which means I have been working from home for 2 days though on mc.  Have a lot of work to do because is peak period now.  Glad I cleared lots of stuff from home these 2 days. 

I still cannot hear properly and a painful left ear now.  Next time I shall not dig my ear again...NEVER.  The doctor said luckily my ear drum is not broke othewise I can become deaf.  My left arm is so sore and feel weak after the tetanus injection.  Yesterday when the doctor told me I need a tetanus injection, I almost burst to tears. I didn't expect to be injected. I asked the nurse, is it painful ? But still I am a BRAVE girl. Took the jab and did not cry. Now the side effect of my aching left arm.

My antibiotics which I must finish all of  it and my ear drops

Feeling so down with this left ear injury.  Just now received a funny text from my gf and it makes me smile. Kind of cheer me up. Thanks.  Another thing that perks me up today was the yummy nasi lemak lunch I had.  Guess good food will perk me up for now.  Wishing my ear recovers soonest possible and I hate the throbbing pain.  With my ear injury, just don't feel like going anywhere now.  So traumatic. 

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