Monday, April 26, 2010

Last Monday of April 2010

It was so hot over the weekends.  Fashionably yours was sweating like mad and make me missing the air-con in my office.  Wish it would rain cats and dogs now.  It has been a hectic week at work last week that I am so drained mentally and physically tired that I just want to rest over the weekend to recharge my brain cells. 

Blur me woke up early last Saturday morning and thought it was Friday that I want to go to work.  Then I realized is Saturday, so relax and continue sleeping.  The effect of overworking and everyday looks the same.  *LOL*

I find this year pass very fast.  Now is already last week of April.  This Saturday is May day, a public holiday.  Yeah, my company is giving us off-in-lieu credit to our annual leave. 

Yawning....time for my beauty sleep now.  Nitey nitey.

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