Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Itchy, Bitsy Day

Fashionably yours had a very super busy morning.  First thing to see my dentist to fix my teeth.  Luckily somebody cancelled her appointment so they can slot me an appointment for this morning slot. That was what I was told by the clinic staff  when I called up yesteday morning to make an appointment.  Thank God for that and now I am a happy girl.  The dentist did 2 fillings for me and cost me SGD96.30 for about 45 minutes to get it fixed.  He advised me not to bite too hard and must be careful otherwise next time might need to do crowning which would cost me SGD450/-.  I don't know how I ate till I cracked my 2 tooth.  Well for the sake of good food and also on my journey to gain weight, I am a brave girl to visit my dentist to get it fix.  Today is my third visits to the dentist in this year. I have booked my next appointment with my dentist for scaling and polishing to be done in June 2010.  The dentist are always fully booked so advisable to book them in advance.  I think dentists make good money.  I should have studied very hard to become a dentist.  *LOL* bestie commented if I am a dentist, she dared not visit me because I surely don't have enough strength to extract tooth.  hahahaha.....

After I am done with my dentist visit, I went to see my company doctor for my itchy rashes on my leg.  The rashes has been there since Saturday.  Tried normal anti itch cream, but the rashes did not disappear and more and more come out each day.  Finally thrown in the towel and decided to see my company doctor after three days of endurance of the itch.  Look so ugly too...some rahes are big and some are small.  The doctor said it is allergic and sensitive skin. Gave me some anti itch cream, anti histamine and ask me to go home to rest.  Advised me not to eat seafood for the time being until the rashes are gone.  I am already so stressful after visiting my dentist and opened my mouth for about 45minutes for him to do 2 fillings.  Luckily the wait at the GP clinic is fast.  Done in about 20 minutes, so I headed to buy porridge for my lunch and home sweet home to rest.  Still itchy...so itchy bitsy day *LOL*    SCRATCH...........

Though I am at home but I am still clearing my office emails, shooting emails here,there and everywhere, stressing people.  Working from home while resting at the same time. 

Now updating some of my recent happenings.

Finally I applied for my Watsons Card which one can earn points to redeem $$ to offset purchases.  At first I don't want to apply but after I realized that I indeed bought many things from Watsons, so proceed to apply.  It is only SGD5/- for a life time member. 

My Watsons Card
Bought these dry guava from Watsons
Healthy snacks
My recent favourite bought from Shop N Save

Last week fashionably yours bought the newly launched Rouge Coco lipstick by Chanel

Closed Up of my new Chanel Lipstick
My Chanel Eye Shadow and Chanel Lipstick

I really like Chanel lipstick and eye shadow.  Have been using them for years.  Feel free to share with me your favourite Lipstick and eye shadow.

It was raining just now so fashionably yours took a nap.  So blissful.  Now I am drinking my hot cup of white tea while blogging.  I prayed my rashes on my leg will disasppear soon. It is making me so itchy and it looks so ugly.  I hate the rashes. I will not eat seafood till I recovered fully.  Now I need lots of TLC.

Tomorrow is gonna be a stressful day. Lots of work to do in the office.  It is good to be busy at work, it shows you have a job and keep you going. Must think positively (grinning).


Eva said...

yikes! take care! I did my crown for around $600 if I remember...quite a long process, have to open mouth for 1hr +...

Wisdom tooth extraction was quite okay, need experienced surgeon.

Classiclicious said...

ok. thanks :)