Friday, August 28, 2009

Yummy Lunch

Today had yummy lunch at Botak Jones at Orchard Youth Park with L-san.  The weather is nice and cooling so lunching there is not so bad, since it is open door and no aircon.  If it is a hot and sunny day, no thanks to lunch there, sure sweat like mad.
Botak Jones @ Orchard Youth Park
Our Bill
L-san Fish N Chips
Side order are potato salad and spicy fries
My Fish N Chips
Side order - Stew vegetables and Baked Beans
We find the food is delicious except a tad salty.  The serving portion is huge and we ate till very full and filling.  Luckily fashionably yours did not order any soup, otherwise sure cannot finish my food.  The price is reasonable.  Staff are friendly and helpful.  Nice place to chill out. 

Visit Botak Jones website here

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