Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Lovely Midweek

It is a very relaxing and lovely day for fashionably yours today in town at Orchard Road.  Had lunch with my tai tai friend together with my two wonderful handsome buddies.  Enjoyed our interesting conversations on life and the daily activities.  It is such an insight to chat with each other.  We learn from each other and encourage each other in life.  I love such nice conversations with nice companies. I have been hanging out regularly with my tai tai friend and really enjoy her company.  We laughed and chatted alot of stuff in life.  Really learnt alot from her.  Thanks.
After we had our lunch, had tea with the two handsome buddies to talk about life and anything under the sun.  I love these intellectual discussions and we challenge each other which is interesting.  Of course, we encourage and motivate each other.  That's what friends are for.   My tai tai friend couldn't join us because she has some matters to take care of.
Fashionably yours took the afternoon off to enjoy my tai tai lifestyle, while those two handsome buddies returned to work.  Totally enjoyed myself at the spa the whole afternoon.  Done a full body massage and a facial.  So relaxing and loving it.  After my spa session, fashionably yours was feeling hungry and craving for some soup.  Thus I adjourned to the Soup Spoon.  The soup which I drank is as below picture :
** Chef Special ** Simon and Garfunkel Chicken and Mushroom Ragout (Chicken/Gluten/Dairy)

This soup is simply delicious and I love it.  I love mushroom so for those mushroom lovers I am sure you will love it too.  The soup has Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme…. as the album goes…. Scarborough Fair/Canticle… released by the duo Simon and Garfunkel in 1966. This Ragout pays tribute to one of the most influential groups of the baygon era. Yes, this rich, creamy stew is filled with marinated chunks of chicken cooked together with the infamous foursome herbs and 6 types of mushroom including the woodsy Portobello, smooth Oyster and Abalone Mushroom, the Oriental Enoki and Shitake, and the ever popular Button Mushroom. This foursome herb are known for their mood enhancing abilities with a wide range of cleansing and protective properties. Sage eases indigestion, Rosemary is anti-inflammatory, Thyme a good expectorant, and Pasley a power anti-oxidant.

Thumbs UP and I will drink this soup again.  Yummy.  Did some window shoppings before heading home sweet home to rest and relax on this cooling night. 

So it is lovely lunch, tea, spa, drinking yummy soup, window shoppings and sipping red wine.  Totally spoilt myself.

Will be sipping my red wine shortly before my dose of beauty sleep. Life is beautiful.  Cheers. 

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