Sunday, August 30, 2009

Is your life well lived ?

Human being always want more - money, love, personal possessions, etc....and the lists goes on and on and on....never ending lists.  Why are we working so hard ? What do we really want out of life ?  Are we happy doing what we are doing now ?  Have we lived life ?  Are we persuing what we love and want ?  What is your passion in life ?  We should live life to the fullest.  Living in the present and enjoying doing what we are doing when we are doing it.  Have a good quality of life and work life balance.

People can be so caught up with their daily lives that they forgot how to live life.  They forgot to stop to smell the roses and take a stroll around the block.  Some people might be stucked in a job they don't like because they have family commitments, they need the money and some other heavy responsibilities such as debts and loans to pay.  We should count our blessings and lower our expectations. Spend within our means and be contended with what we have. You decide yourself and not the society.

We actually don't need that much to get by in our life.  Human beings can get by with just a few possesions in life.  Less things and less wastage, save gaia.  According to Maslow's hierarchy of needs - physiological well being (food and water and shelter), safety, love, esteem and self-actualisation.  Live the simple life as long as the basic needs are met, the rest are secondary.  Nowadays people are working too hard to earn more money to chase after luxuries materials such as buying their dream home, buying their dream car, buying that luxury watches or jewelleries and never enough, they just want more.   They are so busy chasing money and don't have much time for their love ones.  They forgot to enjoy life.  When was the last time you had a good chat with your parents and siblings and had a meal together with them ?  Have you cared and shown concern for them ?  Happiness is beyond money and materials possessions.  It should be good feel and good quality time spent with friends and our love ones.  The most precious thing we can offer to our love ones are our time, our care and concern, which are more valuable and precious than anything you can measure.

Greed is one of the seven deadly sins. Don't be greedy, learn to be contended. Greed can cause lots of unhappiness in life. Look around you, money is the root cause for lots of unpleasantries, such as betrayal, lost friendships, lost kinships and many more.  Money is just a tool. Yes we need money to survive but don't have to be too greedy for it. There are other precious things which are more valuable than money, such as human relationships with friends and love ones. There are some people who are so hungry for money that they are so less humane and that is so scary.  We may not have the best of everything in life, but we can make do with the best of everything we have.

What is a life well lived ?  Is your life well lived ?   I feel that life is short, so enjoy every moment and be happy. You never know what's gonna happen next, so enjoy every moment, cherish and love your love ones, such as friends, relatives, family members, colleagues and the people around you.   There are never ending cash to be earned and never ending materials goods to possess.  We only live once, so enjoy every moment.  Don't work too hard and be so hard on ourselves.  Let me give you two scenarios, you tell me which is more pathetic ?  (1) You have spent all your cash but still alive. OR (2)  You are dead but you have not finished spending your cash ?   I think the latter is more pathetic. This is because you might be so busy earning money that you have no time to enjoy the fruit of your labour, did not live to spend it and did not enjoy a fulfilling life. 

I thank God for supplying and providing all my needs according to his riches and his riches are abundant.  Let me share one of my favourite bible phrase here with all my dear weblogders.  Do not wear yourself out to get rich; have the wisdom to show restraint. Cast but a glance at riches, and they are gone, for they will surely sprout wings and fly off to the sky like an eagle. (Proverbs 23: 4 - 5) 

Take some time to ponder on it.  Reflect on it.  Today is Sunday and is rest day for almost everyone.  Hope you are not working on a Sunday but enjoying life doing what you love doing and spending quality time with your love ones and youself.

Wishing everyone a beautiful Sunday.  God bless you.

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