Monday, August 3, 2009

Shoppings and Dinner

This is a long overdue update......last 2 Thursday ago, met up with Bestie for dinner at Sun with Moon at Wheelock Place. We actually wanted to eat dinner first then shopping at Isetan Sales since they have 10% discount for cardmembers. When bestie reached Sun with Moon, she found out it was full house and they can only give us a table for two around 8pm. Bestie called me on my mobile phone to inform me on this while I was on my way to Wheelock Place, so we decided to shop at Isetan first while they keep us on the waiting list.

We shopped at Isetan and I bought some heels sole grip and cusion while bestie bought some stationeries. Fashionably yours also bought my favourite Chanel nail polish and I am a happy girl. We tried on some heels at the shoe department. Bestie commented the dumb sales girl there really pissed her off. One salesgirl at the shoe department is really dumb, she doesn't know how to give opinions to customers, simply just asked you for your shoe sizes and pass the shoe sizes for customers to try. Finally the staff from Sun with Moon called us so we hurried over to eat our dinner.

When we reached Sun with Moon, we were shown to our seats. The food we ate are :

My Sukiyaki & Tofu Salad set
Bestie's SGD2.00 plain white rice
Bestie's Kurobuta Kalbi Tareyaki and her plain white rice

Bestie's dessert - Monburan

Their services are fast and we quite like the food there. We love their salmon and tuna sashimi at Chijmes. It is very very fresh which we ate the other time when we were there.

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