Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Wishing everyone a happy mid autumn festival.  Fashionably yours had so much mooncakes and now having mooncakes phobia.  Thanks to the mooncakes, I have a bad throat and a very sexy voice now, though I only ate small bites but of so many varities.  These mooncakes are courtesy from our lovely vendors.  Shall let the picutres do the talking.  Enjoy.

My colleagues arranging the mooncakes
My favourite is the Hua Ting mooncake.
Very fine and not so sweet.

Ritz Carlton mooncake
Hua Ting Mooncake

Goodwood Park Mooncake

Raffles Hotel Mooncake

Shangari La Hotel Mooncake

Xin Mooncake

Cannot remember this mooncake from where

Sze Chuang Court Mooncake

2am desert bar mooncake

Peach Garden mooncake

Sheraton Towers Hotel Mooncake - Li Bai

Sze Chuan Court Mooncake - This one is with herbs, something unique.

So you can see the above are the varities of mooncakes fashionably yours had.  I also had some snowskin truffle mooncakes. I prefer the snowskin than the traditional type. We are so pampered by our lovely vendors.


Eva said...

WA! So many! Like mooncake buffet!? Next time when I finish my studies and go back I grab some boxes from you ok? Haha XD

Classiclicious said...

Yes alot of mooncakes in our office every year. Normally can finish the mooncakes by the staff here. Nothing to grab. If have leftover to grab, you will be the first one on the line :)