Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Fashionably yours had an exciting, happy, fantastic and happening F1 weekend at the Marina Bay circuit.  Vroom vroom. I love to hear the loud engines and the adrenaline pushing away.  Love looking at the fast car zooming round the circuit.  I was there 2 days in a row with my colleagues - on Friday - the practice race and on Saturday- the qualifying race.  I was not there on Sunday for the final race because I couldn't get tickets, so I watched the final race on the television.  Nevertheless had a good time.  Alot of walking at the circuit and making my feet so aching but enjoyable. 

Watched the practice race on Friday night and saw Fernando Alonso, up close infront of me when his car banged a wall.  I was sitting front row so close to the race track.  I am so happy to see Fernando Alonso.  He is so handsome and cute.  After the1st practice race has ended, my colleagues and I went to Missy Elliott's concert at the Padang stage inside the circuit.  We had a good time and dancing happily at the concert.  We were lucky to get the wristband to be inside the LG LIVE Fan area which is closer to the stage.  After the concert has ended, my collegues left for home but I went back to the grandstand to watch the 2nd practice race and that was when I saw Alonso up close infront of me.  I went home after the 2nd practice has ended.

On Saturday, fashionably yours watched the Qualifying Race. This race was exciting too. I saw Masa up close infront of me at my grandstand. I am again lucky to be seated so near to the front row and have good view of the race circuit.  Totally enjoying the race and the vroom vroom.  After the 3Q practice race has ended, I planned to watch Adam Lambert's concert at the Padang stage inside the circuit, but I was stuck at the underpass because it was human jam pack so I went the other way which was less crowded and ended up at Zouk Esplanade Outdoor Theature dancing to DJ Tiga.  DJ Tiga is fantastic too.  I love Zouk.   After DJ Tiga's gig has ended, I decided to go home since feeling hungry and tired.  As I walked towards the exit, I can hear Lambert's singing LIVE If I Had You.  His voice is possum and superb.  Though I did not get to watch the concert but I can hear Lambert sing LIVE which they screened it on the big projector.  Feel happy too :)

On the final race day, fashionably yours watched the race from the television at the comfort of my lovely home.  It was very exciting and I am so happy that Alonso won the Singapore F1 race.  Yes congrats to Fernando Alonso and Ferrari.  Well done.  Would like to attend the F1 race again next year and want to attend the 3 days race or at least 2 days.  

Shall let the pictures do the talking now.  Enjoy.    

The F1 passes

 At Gate 3 entrance
 Zoom fast car
 Marina Bay Sands

From Bay Grandstand

 Missy Elliott's concert

 The crowds at Missy Elliott's concert

 The crowds at Padang Stage - Missy Elliott's concert
 Fernando Alonso
Up, close infront of me
 F1 Merchandise
 Performance at the Padang
 View from Connaught Grandstand

 Partying with DJ Tiga at Zouk at Esplanade Outdoor Theatre
 DJ Tiga
F1 pass

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