Friday, September 10, 2010

Long weekend

TGIF and a Public Holiday.  Bliss.  It has been raining the whole day today and the weather is so nice and cooling. Loving it.  It is a four-day work week this week because today is a Public Holiday.  Wising all Muslim friends Selamat Hari Raya Adil filtri.  The rest of us are enjoying the Public Holiday and long weekend.  Hurray :)

The doctor said I am under stress and fatigue so advised fashionably yours to rest a lot.  I am feeling so listless and tiring.  Could be due to my PMS and recovering from the flu.  Sometimes I feel so tired mentally and physically.  Too many things to handle.  Must learn to slow down and take life easy.

It was raining super heavy on Wednesday morning on my way to work.  Thus fashionably yours was drenched and showered with sky juice as my small brolly is of not much help in the heavy downpour.  Once I reached my office, I quickly dried myself.  My pair of wedges was wet too.  Luckily I have a pair of  flats at work so I could change into that. At first I was thinking to wait for the rain to let up so I could walk across the road with my small brolly to my office but I saw the rain was getting heavy and water pondles on the road. I was worried it will flood so I decided to dash across the road to my office in the super heavy rain with my small brolly.  As I am recovering from my flu, I was abit worried I might be sick again since I was drenched.  Thank God, I am still feeling alright on Thursday.

It has been a rainy Hari Raya Puasa today.  I love the rain especially when I am indoor, but not when I am outdoor with the rain.  Now the rain has stopped and I am enjoying this nice and cooling weather. RELAXING.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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