Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hospitalisation Leave and Orchard Road Flood

Wow ! there was a flood at Orchard Road this morning but I slept through the heavy downpour and Orchard Road flood.  Fashionably yours was admitted into the hospital for a colonscopy yesterday and just discharged from the hospital last evening.  Given 2 days of hospitalisation leave (yesterday and today).  It was a day surgery procedure.  The sedation of local makes me so goggy yesterday.  Though the gogginess is gone now but my right hand is blue black because of the poking of sedation injection.  I am glad that I am cleared and nothing serious except for piles. Thank God for his blessings. I was worried mad the last few weeks.  Now it is all cleared.  Seems like I am given a new life.

When I woke up around noon today, I received so many messages from friends asking me about the Orchard Road flood.  They thought I was at work at Orchard Road today.  They didn't know I was on hospitalisation leave today.  Is anyone of you get caught in the Orchard Road flood ?  Some told me the flood is like an ocean and some said Orchard Road has been tsunami-ed.  Saw from the news that Hermes, Starbucks and Massimo Dutti stores at Liat Tower are badly damaged, ground level was submerged in the flood.  I think whole stretch of Orchard Road is flood.  Need to row row row your boat along Orchard Road this morning.

Well it has been raining almost the whole day today.  I love this nice and cooling weather.  Very free and easy recuperating at home from my colonscopy.  Feel much better now except the left side of my tummy feels abit crampy.  I think these few days cannot do any vigorous activities and must rest alot.

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