Saturday, June 5, 2010

Farewell Lunch for colleague

2 weeks ago, 9 of us went to Italiannies at 111 Somerset Road for E-san's farewell lunch

Free flow of bread

Belsamic Vinegar and Olive Oil

What was written on the wall
My cream of mushroom soup

Minestrone soup

My ice lemon tea and cream of mushroom soup

Fish with sphaghetti
Bolognise pasta
My Aglio Oglio

Chicken dish (sorry forgot the name)

Fashionably yours like the cream of  mushroom soup only.  My aglio oglio is abit hard.  We find the food is so so only and if given a choice, would only go back for the soup, sandwiches and their hot coffee or tea. Price is reasonable.  Set lunch is between SGD8.90 to SGD14.90.  Services is not bad and staff are knowledgeable on their products. 

Had a great time at the farewell lunch together with the guys.  All the best to E-san.

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