Saturday, April 9, 2011

Happening Week

Last week was a happening week for fashionably yours.  Was on leave last Monday so headed to the spa at Holland Village for a relaxing full body scrub and massage in the afternoon.  I love it when I was the only customer at the spa in the afternoon while most of the people are working in the office.  Had the aromatherapy full body massage.  It was so convenient for me since it is just nearby and within walking distance.  After I am done at the spa, met up with a tai tai friend for afternoon tea.  The two of us were chilling at Coffee Bean and Tea chit chatting happily. I had the swedish berry tea while my tai tai friend had the ice blended latte.  Thereafter we headed to do some grocery shopping at Holland Village cold storage. We had lots of fun at the supermarket.  What do you think when you put "Carrie" and "Samantha" together (SATC). Use your imaginations and be creative.  SATC is one of my favourite sitcom.  Fashionably yours love chilling at Holland Village and it is where I am residing.  If you see me at Holland Village, say Hi to me.  All are welcome to Holland Village.

Last Tuesday night, met up with bestie who is back from Japan, for dinner.  Glad to see each other.  We actually wanted to dine at our favourite place Royal Coppenhagen Tea Lounge but found out it has closed and now TWG is the new tenant there.  While we were there last Tuesday, TWG was yet to open for business.  In the end we went to dine at The Canele at The Paragon.  I find that the food at The Canele is so so only.  That place is only good for a hot cup of tea, cakes, pastries and desserts.  Fashioinably yours love to eat their strawberry shortcake. However it was sold out while we were there after 8pm.  I was so sore about it.  Next time, I must go there during lunch hour  to buy my favourite strawberry shortcake. 

Fashionably yours had the carbonara while bestie had the marinara spaghettini and madagascar ice cream sorbet

My Carbonara

  marinara spaghettini
madagascar ice cream sorbet

We chatted  for a while after we had our dinner, before we headed home sweet home. 

In fact, fashionably yours was super busy at work recently and is my peak period at work.  Had been working like mad for the past 3 weeks due to our financial year end closing and beginning of our new financial year. I have been working till about 8pm++ and last one to leave office.  We need to clear our annual leave before 31 March 2011.  That's why I was on leave on and off too to rest in between.  

Last Thursday, met up with some friends in the afternoon at Sakae Sushi for their afternoon tea buffet at Wisma Atria.  The company was great but the food is so so only. Sakae Sushi's standard has dropped compared to last time. We find the cuting of the sashimi is not that nice and not much variety for the sushi.  Fashionably yours still prefer to dine at  Sushi Tei over Sakae Sushi.  We had lots of laughters and fun that afternoon.

Guess all these activities help me to destress.  Yes fashionably yours work hard but I play harder too.  As I am blogging now, I am glad to announce that my important reports are done and submitted.  There are still some more reports to do but I don't have to rush them like mad.  I was working last weekend rushing out my reports.  Glad I am able to rest, relax and recharge this weekends.  Yippe ! I am so HAPPY. 

Have a nice weekend everyone.

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