Sunday, April 24, 2011

Dinner at the soup spoon

Met up with Bestie two weeks ago before she flew back to the land of the rising sun for dinner.
We ate at Soup Spoon at ION Orchard. It was our first time at that outlet.  Normally we dined at their paragon outlet.  We had the mushroom soup and asian tofu salad.  It is our all time favourite and very healthy.  It is very filling.

The mushroom soup 

 Ice lemon tea
Asian Tofu

After we had our dinner, we chatted for a while.  Thereafter we shopped around ION.  Bestie bought some drinks and cough mixture from Eu Yang Sang.  By now she is already back in the land of the rising sun. Hope no more shaking in the land of the rising sun and may the radiation be reduced to the minimum. 

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