Monday, November 23, 2009

Updates for week 3 of November 2009

The weekends come and goes so fast. It is Monday again and also the last week of November 2009.  Soon it will be Christmas Day in about 4 weeks time.  Have been a busy week for fashionably yours last week and going to be a stressful and tiring one for the next few weeks.  This is because year end needs to do lots of budgeting at work and lots of huge numbers to analyse.  It is good to get busy but not too stressful.  Lots of blogs updates.  Here goes.....

Bought CLEO magazine - December 2009 issue  from
Times the bookshop at SGD4.40

Get FREE Gift - L'oreal shampoo worth SGD8.90
You do the maths. It is worth it. 
I am using this shampoo.

Indulge in my pedicure session on last Wednesday evening.
Painted a shade of bright OPI purplish pink on my sexy toesnails. Relaxing. 
Loving this colour.

Had Starbucks Peppermint Mocha on last Friday.  Very refreshing and wanna drink it again. 

Last Friday bought Pycnogenol which is the Premium Antioxidant

Is there anyone taking Pycnogenol ? If yes, please share your experience. Thanks.
Read here for more information on Pycnogenol

This week is a four-day work week because this Friday is a Public Holiday - Hari Raya Haji. (smiling sweetly).  Have a nice week ahead everyone and take care.

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