Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Had our early Thanksgiving meal a few weeks ago with my buddies (Seng-san, Yuan-san, Lemon-san and G-san ) at Botak Jones. It was yummy....shall let the pictures do the talking.

Our bill

Our fish and chips

G-san Ordering the Filippines cuisine of roasted pork and roasted chickens

Mini chicken burger

Lamb chop with salad

Mini fish and chips

Our table with the spread of delicious food

Roasted Pork....yummy

Roasted chicken

Our table and my buddies eating happily

This was how our table looks like at the end of our meal.
This photo was taken upon the request of Seng-san
We finished all the food.  Hurray.

I was amazed that I could eat despite was suffering from gum infections at that time.  I was recovering so I ate all the soft meat and bite very very slowly.  They are so nice that they ordered those food that I can eat in my condition.  The roasted pork is really a thumbs up.  I ate some of the softer ones which G-san so kindly picked out for me.  The roasted chicken is yummy too which also G-san picked out for me those soft ones which I can eat.  I ate lots of the fish and salad.  All of us ate till very full.  Nice company and delicious food.  Love it.  Life is great. 

Wishing everyone a happy thanksgiving and be thankful for all the wonderful things in our life. 

Enjoy the long weekends.  Cheers

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