Monday, September 21, 2009

Wonderful long weekends

Today is Monday but it doesn't feel like a Monday at all because it is a Public Holiday.  Yippee ! no Monday blues but maybe tomorrow will have post long weekends blues *LOL*  Hope everyone had a great long weekends.  Alrighty here we go.....let me update my blog.

Last Thursday was a great day because it was Isetan Private Sales and fashionably yours bought some skin care products.  With my purchases, it entitled me to SGD20 beauty vouchers which I used it to buy some lingeries.  What a steal and a smart shopper too.  I also met up with bestie for a good evening of fun fun fun.  We met at Books Kinokuniya  since bestie was off that day.  She shopped during off peak and browsed books at Books Kinokuniya while waiting for fashionably yours to knock off from work to meet me. 

Finally I make my way down to meet bestie after I finished work.  Had a good deal as I bought this magazine and got two full size packs of twinings tea.  It is a good bargains....just do your maths.

Appetite Magazine cost SGD7.20 after my 10% cardmember discount

FREE Twinings Tea cost SGD6.05 per pack times 2 packs
 (as per price which I checked at Cold Storage)
I have drank both and tasted nice

Bestie also bought a comic book using my 10% cardmember discount.  Thereafter we attended a launch event.  Had some not-so-nice champagne but some very delicious canapes.

Fashionably yours in the lovely company of 2 very tall and handsome men

After we are done with the launch event, we proceed to Royal Coppenhagen for our yummy dinner.  Love to dine there because it makes dining such a good and nice experience.  The food never fail us and just love the ambience there.  Luckily that night the place was not full house and love to dine in peace and quietly.  Their services is excellent too.  The waiters refilled my glass of strawberry water promptly.  Drank lots of water that night.  Our dinner for that night as per pictures shown below : -

My minestrone soup

My bun which goes so yummy with the butter

My seabass with some vegetables in tomato yummy

Dessert of the day
(which I was so full that I had it packed home to eat as supper)

My tea

I really like the cups, plates, spoons, knives, forks and saucers which Royal Coppenhagen Cafe use to serve their food.  It makes dining such a wonderful experience.  Fashionably yours enjoying and appreciating the finer things in life.  Besides the yummy food, the ambience and cutleries used in serving the food is very important to me too.

On Friday, fashionably yours went down to Books Kinokuniya to pick up another magazine which comes with free gift.  Another good bargain.

BAZAAR Magazine

FREE Gift worth SGD32  L'oreal anti-dandraff shampoo
which I have used and find it not bad

Think generally my weekends begins on Thursday with so many happenings.  Well it has been a really nice long weekends for me.  Delicious food, nice company and lots of freebies with purchases.  The weather is cooling today after raining.  Loving this nice and cooling weather.  This week is a 4-day work week and very soon the next weekend will be here soon.  This week is also an exciting Formula 1 SingTel Singapore Grand Prix week.  Lots of F1 related events in town.  It is gonna be madness at work this week....F1, Pit Stop, Race track, etc......

Have a wonderful week ahead and tune in to the F1 race on TV.  Those who have bought their F1 tickets, have lots of fun at the race. 

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