Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Swollen eyes on 090909

Fashionably yours woke up with a swollen and painful eyes this morning.  Oh gosh ! I was fine yesterday all the while till this morning had this swollen and painful eyes.  Life is so unpredictable.  Well so went to the clinic to consult the doctor and was diagnosed that I have eye infections with swollen eyes, internal sty and blur vision. The doctor prescribed me with anti-biotic eye gel and some pills to reduce the swelling and redness.  Also given 2 days of medical leave to rest my eyes.  So sad and painful eyes....sob...sob...sob...I want my clear vision back asap.

Now am feeling much better after applying the antibiotic eye gel.  Need to rest my vison more. For now am wearing my glasses to help me see better so that I don't strain my eyes. 

Today is 090909 and I have eye infections :( Next year on 101010 I wish it had better give me something nice, beautiful and sweet :))

How is your 090909 ?  Hope you had a nice and wonderful 090909.

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