Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Funny Me The Princess

Last evening went shopping with Eva-san. She bought her cutie mousie Braun Buffel pouch and a small black pouch from Radley at Isetan Scotts. She wanted to use them as her lunch time bag. Both are nice and cute. Think she is happy with her purchases.

Actually she wanted to buy a white blouse but still did not manage to find a white blouse that she fancies. We have been shopping around for a while together since last Friday and to no avail. However we bought lots of cosmetics and skin care.

After our shoppings at Isetan Scotts last evening, we went to eat dinner at MOS burger. Funny thing happened at MOS burger. We ordered the chilli dog value meal. I changed the drinks to clam chowder soup and have ice water. After I ordered the food, the crew member asked me to wait for my chilli dog and they will bring it to my seat. So I went back to my seat to drink my clam chowder soup, while waiting for them to serve me my chilli dog.

While drinking my clam chowder soup, the crew served me my chilli dog shortly. Then I realized they did not give me any serviette, so I asked him to bring to me some serviette. I happily ate my chilli dog and realized that I am running out of chilli sauce for my French fries. I wanted to wave to the crew to bring me some more chilli sauce. Then I hesitated and asked Eva-san. Our conversation :

Me : I need some more chilli sauce, do I ask the crew to bring me some ? or go to the counter to take myself ?
Eva : This is MOS burger, we don’t pay service charge. You must go to the counter to take chilli sauce yourself. This is not restaurant. You really are princess, everything must serve to you.

Then both of us laughed. I find that I am so funny, what a question to ask. I did not go to the counter to take some more chilli sauce because Eva-san has one extra packet of chilli sauce, so I just use that. I think I too long did not go to eat fast food, so forgot all about self service. Still thinking I am dining at restaurant (tongue sticking out) and everything served by the waiters and waitresses. Funny me !

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