Monday, June 30, 2008

Fantabulous weekend

I had a fantabulous weekend. Finally I have time to myself to do the things I wanna do but no time to do. What did I do ? Nothing, Absolutley nothing........hahaha.......actually done alot of things.

Mangaed to catch up on my beauty sleep, tidied up my room, reconciled my financial statements and what else.......of course my favourite activity, that is blogging......finally can have time to update my blog.

Thanks to all my weblogders who have been supporting me all the while, so I must update my blog regularly

Well, have done quite alot of retail therapy the last few weeks........I love shoppings and can never get tired of it. Be it GSS or no GSS, I will shop happily. Last week I bought my
Ferragamo Shoe and My Miu Miu Bow Satchel Bag. I love my Miu Miu bag and my Ferragamo shoe. I think I have bought two pairs of Ferragamo shoes for two months consecutively. I am such a Ferragamo fan.

While I was on my way to collect my Ferragamo shoe last Friday, I passed by Coach boutique at Ngee Ann City. I almost bought a Coach bag. I like the small Coach bag but decided to wait for the next End of Season sale to grab the bag, provided it is still available by then.

I dropped by Loewe boutique too on last Friday. I like the Loewe Amazona black handbag. I also almost wanted to buy it but it reminds me of my LV black epic handbag so I give it a past this time round. Perhaps some other time then.

I saw a pair of Ferragamo
Varina flat at the Ferragamo boutique last Friday. I wanted the red hot pair but it didn't have my size I think it is beautiful. Now considering other colours.........I am also lemming for a pair of Christian Loubotin. Since I injured my tendon on my left foot, I am not able to wear my 4 inch high heels, so now I have to wear either flats or low heels. My girlfriend keep telling me it is better to wear flats or low heel because it is safer to walk and give better support to our body compared to my 4 inch high heels.

Guess girlfriends are the best. They give good advices, support, encouragements, suggestions and always so understanding. I love all my best girlfriends, though we may not get to meet often due to our own busy schedule but we still make time for each other, as well as contact via online and through our blog(s) updates. That is the amazing of modern technology.

Cheers to our friendships

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