Sunday, June 19, 2011

Xperia Arc

Fashionably yours bought my new smartphone Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc at the PC Show on 9 June 2011.  So far I love my new smartphone.  I have 12GB of data plans and doubt I can reach 12GB of usage.  The first thing after I bought my smartphone is to buy an anti-glare screen protector.  Then I bought a casing for it.  

Well, I have installed whatsapp on my smartphone and downloaded some music on it.  Of course I tweet too and it is so much easier tweeting on a smartphone.  The camera and video functions are fantastic. It has 8.1 megapixels and the pictures are very sharp and clear.  The videos are High Definition quality.  The sound system is good.  What smartphone are you using now ? 

Below are some pictures which fashionably yours took with my new xperia arc smartphone.

Papayas which I ate
 My hot cup of dilmah elegant earl grey tea
 My lush greenery surroundings

I will take more pictures and upload here. Stay tuned. 

Have a nice week ahead everyone.

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