Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas day lunch

Christmas day was spent chilling out at home after much celebrations on Christmas Eve.

Christmas lunch menu :
Home cooked roots vegetables with mushrooms soup
Roast turkey sandwich

Since had some leftover roast turkey from Christmas Eve party, decided to make roast turkey sandwich, topped with djonaise sauce.  Heavenly. Ma ma mia.......

 Roots vegetable soup
Roast turkey sandwich
 This Taiwan beer is bitter sweet

What is this ? 
 It is my home made fruits jelly in a bottle. 
It is an after dinner desserts on Christmas day

Fruits jelly in a bottle
Fashionably yours had so much log cakes and roast turkey.  I  think half the log cakes and half the roast turkey are inside my stomach.  I have a confession to make. I am so super duper busy these few days.  Super duper busy eating *LOL*

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